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About Us



As a Registered Nurse with over 10 years of work experience, I founded and created Goode Genes Beauty, an Anti-aging skincare line, to explore my passion and desire to empower others to look and feel their best. I acquired a wealth of knowledge about Skincare when I trained with major skincare brands. I gained an in-depth knowledge about skincare ingredients tailored to address different skin concerns.

I am excited to combine my medical background with my passion for skincare to create a unique business that offers a range of products and services designed to enhance natural beauty and promote self-care.

Goode Genes Beauty Skincare is committed to providing personalized skincare solutions tailored to each client's individual needs. Whether it's developing a custom skincare routine, providing expert advice on skincare ingredients, or offering rejuvenating facial treatments, our company takes pride in helping clients achieve healthy and glowing skin.


Where does it come from?

private label for aestheticians and spa

Goode Genes Beauty believes in natural and organic ingredients for our skin for beautiful results without harming the environment. Our large selection of professional skincare products are made with natural and organic ingredients for spa and skincare clinic use.  The best botanicals from all around the world are used to create the best skincare for your personal use and spa clients.  The professional skin care formulas use naturally derived bases rather than the industry standard chemically synthetic. Because our products are tested in actual skincare clinics and med spas, we know what formulas work well with all skin types.


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